On ice tests with top skating instructors

Thursday, January 10, 2013 11:23 AM 4

ProSharp gathered together with the Swedish Hockey Institute and other Swedish skating instructors a dozen of the best skating coaches from Sweden among with few players. Idea was to do an on ice test with different kinds of courses. First all coaches and players skated the courses with their existing blade profile and sharpening. Then everyone's blades were profiled and sharpened according their own wishes and thoughts what they felt was the major things on their skating they felt difficult or unbalanced.

After new profile and sharpening on their skates the coaches and players were released back on the ice and same courses were skated again. Times were taken by a photo cell timing system to be able to get very accurate results. And indeed we got what we already knew is going to happen; Everyone improved their times significantly compared to the first runs before the blade profiling and sharpening.

Among the improved results on the courses all coaches and skaters also felt that their skating felt easier and more balanced thanks to the new profile on their blades. Profiles that we did for the participants were mainly Zuperior profiles and our new innovation of a 4-radius profile. 

After the on ice tests we gathered into a meeting room so that everyone could share their own opinions and ideas about skating in general and which factors are important to be able to develop your skating. You can imagine when a dozen of high level coaches start to talk, that there is a lot of opinions in the air! So what we all together decided was to organize a new event later in the spring to discuss more deeper about how to develop skating and the great game of hockey! 

Follow this blog to find out in the spring what the great minds (and the coaches) had to say about "developing your skating". 



  • gravatar Mikael Johansson


    Jag undrar hur en 4-radiusprofil fungerar?

    Mikael Johansson,

    Feb 2013

  • gravatar Marcus Frisk

    Vad har du för skål och radier nu.
    Den 4m dom pratar om är nog den där dom flyttar den 15mm bakåt i skenan.

    Feb 2013

  • gravatar Björn mannström

    Det är den nya Quattro mallen!

    Feb 2013

  • Mikael, Marcus,
    4-radien består av en ökande radie sett från den främre till den längst bak i steglöst övergående vilket resulterar i att kraften ner i isen hamnar rätt i ett perfekt doserat skridskoskär. Den vi testat går från 2, 3, 4 och 5m vilket ger en hög fart med 4m som basradie (den mittplacerade) passar den bäst för seniorer >80kg. Kortare kombinationer är på ingång för optimering till lättare spelare.

    Feb 2013

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